Mike Parker is your Plaid Cymru MP Candidate in Ceredigion.

This website is where you can find why he is standing and what for.

“Mike Parker is a man of great talent, honesty and integrity; it’s obvious he has a passion for our area and its people, and has great ideas for its future. I look forward immensely to working with him.”

- Elin Jones AM for Ceredigion.

Reaction to claims in the Cambrian News.

Overnight, a local newspaper has printed some comments I made against racism back in 2001.

As a travel writer, I sought to understand more about what had drawn people to move to rural Wales. I knew my own reasons why; this is a part of the world that had always fascinated me. Moving here, I felt instantly at home thanks to the tolerant and compassionate community here.

It came as a real shock that during many of the conversations I had in those early days, a number of people stated openly to me that they’d moved to this area to escape multicultural communities in more urban areas. The BNP were on the rise at the time, with their leader and other chief officers having all moved to rural mid Wales.

This sort of extremism depressed and angered me. I have never said nor implied that these were the views of the majority of people who’d moved to rural areas, but the numbers weren’t insignificant and I have never shied away from challenging discrimination in whatever form it takes. My anger at these racist attitudes fuelled some high-octane language that I wouldn’t use to express myself now – however, I maintain the view that racism should never be ignored nor accepted, and should always be challenged and tackled.

Would those who criticise me for saying what I did prefer that this issue was swept under the carpet? I hope not.